Educating people on the importance of a solid billing system


Yesterday, we ran the newest edition of our workshop “Scaling your billing as your company grows” at Alchemist Accelerator to a crowded room of enterprise entrepreneurs.  Being part of these workshops has been one of the most gratifying experiences of working here at Paid.

Before Paid, I used to run a program for Spanish startups venturing to Silicon Valley.  I’m continually surprised at and gracious for how generous entrepreneurs are to share their time and expertise with other founders that are just starting.  It’s actually one of the main reasons I chose to work for Paid.  Our company promotes a culture of giving back, a willingness to help out anyone who asks.

The reason why we decided to prepare this session in a first place is very simple. Over the past three years, we have seen several businesses struggling with billing.  They want to focus their efforts in whatever production or service they are developing, but at the moment that billing becomes even just a little complex, the whole system breaks. And believe me, if you haven’t paid enough attention to billing and you continue to grow, it’s gonna break.

What payment methods should I accept? How do I handle discounts? How can I make sure I’m always synced with my accountant? How do I run a metered subscription business?  What is revenue recognition?  Who in my company should handle checks?  What if people don’t pay?

These are questions that at some point are going to come up, and the difference between having an answer or not could translate into countless dollars and hours lost for your business.

We’ve found that, while billing is obviously important for every company (everyone wants to get paid), not every founder finds the time to think about how to internally build or use a 3rd party solution that is both affordable and scalable as the company grows.

That’s why, for the past few months, we have dedicated resources to put together a presentation that focuses on the main issues that concern every company doing any type of billing.  We then use that presentation to run a workshop for anyone interested in learning from our experience. We’ve made our mission to help everyone know what to pay attention to and how to choose the best solution when it comes to billing.

So please, if you have billing concerns or need some help on the subject, let us know.  We will happily invite you to our next meet up.  We will have beers and wine, as talking about billing is always more fun while drinking.

Happy billing!

One thought on “Educating people on the importance of a solid billing system

  1. Here are some of the ways to educate users on the advantages of recurring billing:
    It’s convenient.
    It reduces the risk of identity theft.
    It eliminates hassle.
    It makes things more convenient.
    It saves time.
    It’s easy.
    It’s safe.
    How do you educate your users? It happens through consistent and intentional content marketing.


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