Organize your customers with Organizations!

Paid is excited to release Organizations, a new way to (you guessed it!) organize and manage your customers. Sometimes, not all customers are equal. Perhaps you bill multiple departments within an company, and you need to to be able to report to their AP department company-wide metrics (i.e. unpaid invoices). Now with Organizations, you can do just that!

There’s also some create functionality built into Organizations:

  • Organization-wide metrics are available once you’ve added your customers.
  • Invite users to view and manage their organization from the payer’s side.
  • Our payer-accessible Portal has been updated to allow an Organization-level view as well. Once you’ve added customers to an organization, you can view it by clicking “Organization Portal.”
  • You have the option to send a Weekly Summary to all users added to the organization. This is great to give a summary of their accounts. Enable this in the organization settings.

There’s much more to come with Organizations, as making sure you can accurately model your customers is important for accurate billing. If there’s anything you’d like to see, please let us know by emailing us.

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