Say goodbye to paper cuts with Paid Check Lockboxes!

Paid is excited to announce the end of paper cuts for your company—or at least the ones caused by paper checks! With Paid’s new secure check lockboxes, you can automate all check handling and processing for your business with a just a few clicks.

Although check usage is declining, billions of checks are still sent each year. The difficulty in dealing with checks results in high costs (about $10 per check) and lost time for many businesses. That’s why Paid has developed a technology-based solution for check handling and processing.

Paid’s Check Lockbox will handle everything from receipt to deposit as well as reporting, accounting and data entry. Here’s how it works:

  1. Each business is assigned a custom, unique check lockbox address.
  2. Every check that is mailed to the lockbox is scanned and viewable in Paid’s Dashboard.
  3. Checks are totaled and deposited directly into your bank account.
  4. Paid’s Reconciliation Engine will analyze each check and mark the necessary invoices as paid.

With the change of an address on your invoices, you can easily scale and manage your receivables. It’s really that simple!

You can use a Check Lockbox by itself, or you can any of Paid’s other great features like invoicing, subscriptions, reporting and more! Paid also offers features that helps convert your customers from costly checks to more cost-effective methods.

Get your lockbox today and stop worry about checks!

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