Organize your customers with Organizations!

By: Ryan

Paid is excited to release Organizations, a new way to (you guessed it!) organize and manage your customers. Sometimes, not all customers are equal. Perhaps you bill multiple departments within an company, and you need to to be able to report to their AP department company-wide metrics (i.e. unpaid invoices). Now with Organizations, you can do just that!

There’s also some create functionality built into Organizations:

  • Organization-wide metrics are available once you’ve added your customers.
  • Invite users to view and manage their organization from the payer’s side.
  • Our payer-accessible Portal has been updated to allow an Organization-level view as well. Once you’ve added customers to an organization, you can view it by clicking “Organization Portal.”
  • You have the option to send a Weekly Summary to all users added to the organization. This is great to give a summary of their accounts. Enable this in the organization settings.

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Say goodbye to paper cuts with Paid Check Lockboxes!

By: Ryan

Paid is excited to announce the end of paper cuts for your company—or at least the ones caused by paper checks! With Paid’s new secure check lockboxes, you can automate all check handling and processing for your business with a just a few clicks.

Although check usage is declining, billions of checks are still sent each year. The difficulty in dealing with checks results in high costs (about $10 per check) and lost time for many businesses. That’s why Paid has developed a technology-based solution for check handling and processing.

Paid’s Check Lockbox will handle everything from receipt to deposit as well as reporting, accounting and data entry. Here’s how it works:

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Managing Risk : Overview

By: Ryan

In this series of posts, we will talk about risk when it comes to billing. Each post will cover a specific type of risk and give some ideas of how to mitigate it. Although risk has a negative connotation, it’s important to understand that risk includes both the intentional and unintentional actions of payers.

Understanding Risk

Risk comes in many forms, and your business may be more susceptible to some forms over others based on things like your vertical, how your product is delivered, what payment methods you offer, etc.

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Foresight is 20:20

By: Ryan

Paid was created because it is difficult for any single company to get billing right. Billing is typically critical for your business, but it’s also not how most businesses make money. When starting a business, the last thing you should worry about is building your own a scalable billing solution. That’s why there are billing automation platforms like Paid.

But there’s quite a chicken and egg when it comes to billing software. You have to make a lot of money to afford them (because they are typically expensive) and you also need to use one to make lots of money (because billing is complex). Well, when the we sat down to build Paid, we said “To hell with that!” Billing technology should be both affordable and accessible to every size company, no matter their billing complexity.

Paid is now over 2.5 years old, and we’ve learned a lot along the way. We always say “Hindsight is 20:20,” and that’s why we’re starting this blog. Whether you are a Paid customer (and we hope you will be) or not, we plan to document everything we’ve learned so that you don’t have rely on hindsight. If anything, you should trust that your billing is right…now.

So be sure to check back here for regular updates on the sometimes-chaotic and often-obfuscated world that is billing.

And if you ever have any questions or suggestions, feel free to hit us up at

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Paid makes it easy to create invoices and accept every payment method. Paid’s advanced subscription engine and API enable you easily and affordably scale your billing from 10 to 10,000+ customers per month. Paid worries about your billing so you can get back to growing your business.

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